LE BONNET - New Client Win / International Wholesale

We’re really pleased to welcome LE BONNET in to the fold as one of our wholesale brands here at LE WORKS whom we will be representing for the US, Canada, Italy and ASIA.

LE BONNET was born in Paris, designed in Amsterdam and as a brand LE BONNET aims for sustainability and durability. It will last for a long period of time as they the best available fibers. The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on our Bonnets stands for craftsmanship and quality. LE BONNET’s factory was founded over 170 years ago, being one of the oldest factories in the UK.

All products are knitted on traditional machineries. The technique used to make these products has been passed down through generations. After the knitting process, the beanies are washed, pressed and checked thoroughly. We would like to welcome you to our world, a world of creating the best accessories made by mankind.

You will be able to view LE BONNET’s AW18 immediate collection and AW19 pre order collection in our showroom in London from December and spaces in Paris in January and March.

Please see our SHOWROOM page for details.